Your perfect relationship starts with you

When you are truly happy and love your life, you give off a glow.

This glow makes you naturally more attractive. 

If you are living as the best version of you, feeling the best you can feel and living a life you want, you are more likely to attract the perfect match for you, with effortless ease. 

My mission is to support you to transform your life to enable you to have the relationship you really want.

Jenny White 

Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Jenny White and I'm an award winning Internationally accredited relationship coach who has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives...

"I’ve never quite met anyone who can blast through limitation and change perspective and reality, like Jenny can."

Lucy, Surrey


1 Day Intensive

This workshop  will enable you to look at your life from the outside and realise what's standing in your way. 

A 1 day intensive workshop




Identify and overcome the blocks, fears, beliefs and behaviour patterns that stand in the way of you having the relationship you want.

A 3 day retreat

VIP Intensive

Are you looking for a complete life transformation? Spend 5 days away with me at a Cotswold Retreat for a fast-track to attracting your life partner. 

5 days in a Cotswold retreat