About Me


Who am I? 

I am internationally accredited coach who has thousand of hours experience in helping hundreds of people to transform their lives.

My own journey coupled with 30 years of study enable me to work quickly and effectively to get the results people have longed for, often for many years, but have been unable to experience for whatever reason. 

What Can You Get From Me That You Can't Get From Anyone Else? 

I have a unique approach to coaching and mentoring that draws on my natural skills of perception and intuition to help others quickly pinpoint what is not working for them, get to the heart of their emotional problems and develop clarity and insight about the changes needed to achieve the desired transformation.

I support and coach my clients in the following key areas:

* Breaking negative patterns of behaviour
* Healing their emotional pain
* Gaining conscious awareness and clarity of what is blocking or challenging them
* Supporting them to relate and connect with others on a deeper emotional level
* Achieve emotional balance
* Release their inner energies

* Supporting  them to break out and be their true self
* Overcome their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs

I run a practise in the UK but am also available for online coaching if preferred. 

“Working with Jenny helped me to find balance and harmony in my heart, and move away from past experiences which I thought defined me. 

Jenny moved me out of a deep rut in my relationships; she helped me redefine my values and get control of my emotions." 

Alia Darweish
Former client

In the media

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