About Me


Who Am I?

I am internationally accredited coach who has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives. I specialise in helping women who have emotional blockages and barriers that are preventing them from reaching their personal goals

* Understand what is holding them back 
* Relate and connect with others on a deeper emotional level
* Achieve emotional balance
* Break negative patterns of behaviour
* Heal their emotional pain
* Release their inner energies
* Overcome their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs

So they can achieve their personal breakthroughs and lead happy and fulfilled lives. 



What Can You Get From Me That You Can't Get From Anyone Else? 

I have a unique approach to coaching and mentoring that draws on my natural skills of perception and intuition to help others quickly pinpoint what is not working for them, get to the heart of their emotional problems and develop clarity and insight about the changes needed to achieve the desired transformation.

I work with clients from the inside out, coaching them to peel back the layers to reach their genuine self. Getting people to be authentic then bringing out what's inside out. 

My own journey coupled with 30 years of study enable me to work quickly and effectively to get the results people have longed for, often for many years, but have been unable to experience for whatever reason.


I run a coaching practice in the UK supporting women to feel fabulous so they become naturally more attractive. 

There is light in all of us, it's just a case of turning it on!

“Jenny isn’t just another therapist, a counsellor or a psychologist. 
Her gift is something quite different.  

Jenny has the ability to see the power, the joy and the radiance in you.  

She harnesses the power within you and together, you work with your own gifts to free the amazing light and potential that lies inside you."  

Alia Darweish
former client

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