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Case Studies

Sarah, Cardiff

Sarah, Bristol

Lisa, Bristol


"Before I met Jenny I was restless, over analysed things and situations, had low self-esteem and too many one night stands.
I always tried too hard in relationships and was looking for reassurance to validate me - my self-worth depended on this. I couldn’t relax and just be myself with men.
Sometimes I was unnecessarily hyper to hide a fear of rejection and an insecurity of being on my own. I was looking for reassurance to validate me. 


During my coaching sessions we looked at how I was feeling about myself and my beliefs and behaviour around intimate relationships. I realised I was not getting to know guys well enough before taking things further and I was worrying about whether they liked me instead of really thinking ‘do I like them?’.


What I realised was that if I was more honest with myself about how I was feeling, and communicated this either to myself or the person I was with/it related to, I felt happier and more peaceful.


As a result of my coaching sessions with Jenny I feel more emotionally balanced and am now consciously aware of how I am feeling, of what I want, and how to get my needs met.  I am more honest with myself and others and am not afraid to show it or verbalise my feelings. I communicate more authentically and appreciate my strengths and what I have to offer. 
I am now committed to what I want and how I’m going to get it, but I’m not attached or obsessed as I was before, and am endeavouring to enjoy the journey.  I’ve still had situations that I could have handled better, but I am stronger and more aware of the impact on me and as a result of the sessions with Jenny I have the tools to handle things when they arise.  


I am happier and feel confident that I can calmly act honestly and choose a mate for me.  I feel I can just be me – not always being busy and doing things, but taking time to be at peace.  
I have now been in a relationship for 3 months and it feels much stronger, more honest and open and has a lightness to it as I have no expectation, but am just enjoying the experience and am seeing where it goes. He makes lots of effort and regularly cooks me dinner and spoils me which is a great start!"



"After 7 months we decided that the time was right to move in together. A month after me moving in he proposed and we’ve now been married nearly 3 years.
I have a connection and closeness with him that I had not felt with anyone before. Being with him is effortless and easy – another first!  I can be completely honest with him, and be myself. Where I have previously been analytical about everything, I know he is the match for me, that I have finally met my life partner…..and it has all just happened without thinking, let alone over-thinking."

"When Jenny came into my life I really was not in a good place. I wasn’t prepared to face the paths that lay ahead of me. I neither felt I had the strength, belief or self worth to carry on. Without Jenny’s support, words of encouragement and everything she’s about and stands for, I was certainly on a road to self-destruction! I believed that no one, either family or loved ones could help me.

In the beginning I found myself pouring my heart out and telling Jenny things I had kept buried for far too long. I opened up my heart to Jenny, because she made me feel I could. Her warmth of character and amazing energy made me stronger and more confident over time. 


Jenny made me believe in my self. Helped me to become the person I wanted to be. To love again, trust and most of all, be happy.


Some people have a very special gift,  Jenny was mine. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. I really cannot thank her enough for getting my life and family back  together, and making me happy and where I am today. Jenny really did help me and even when there’s a difficult day now or I feel uncertainty, she’s with me in mind, body and soul and I can breathe…"


"My family have been reunited for 4 years now and things are more amazing than they’ve ever been. We have an intimacy, closeness and connection that we have never experienced before."

Lisa, Bristol
Sally, London

A business man, Bristol

Just before I met Jenny I had started living a life that I thought would be ideal with flash cars, penthouses and women. I had left my boring life and marriage, and ejected those with seemingly unreasonable behaviour from it. I was on the road to a great life, yet, for some reason I was not happy.

Jenny made me realise what things in life were actually important to me and why I was not happy. It was like a wakeup call. She wrapped my fake life up into a ball and threw it out the window. This is nothing against the things in this fake life,  they were amazing in their own right , but only as part of a life that was not meant to be mine.

I am an incredibly scientific person, if it’s not in a book forget it. As such I thought what Jenny had achieved was already a mystery to me but she had only just got started. She changed my view of life forever. Jenny not only managed to help me get my family back together, she has made me realise where unreasonable behaviour in a third person comes from.  I do not understand how Jenny did what she did but it worked.

My life is now truly amazing as it is for those close to me and I cannot thank Jenny enough. There is without doubt something out there bigger than all of us and I am so astonished I am saying this that I wish to remain anonymous.

Lucy, Surrey

Alia, Bristol

"Jenny isn’t just another therapist, a counsellor or a psychologist, her gift is something quite different...

Before I met Jen, my life was blur of dead end dates and failing connections; desperation defined my late thirties and I felt empty, used, and lost in a sea of men who I thought were unavailable and unable to commit.  It turns out, they were MY issues.  I quickly learned I had to take responsibility for my actions and sense of victimhood, and learn the art of letting go and true forgiveness.  I had some tough times to navigate, but I had Jenny’s support, guidance and uncanny intuition on the journey.


Jenny has the ability to see the power, the joy and the radiance in you.  She harnesses the power within you, and together, you work with your own gifts to free the amazing light and potential that lies inside you.  She will cut through the noise in your head and help you find your own truth.

Jenny is compassionate and committed to your emotional health; the work you will do together is challenging at times, but so is walking through life without true companionship and experiencing a love which makes your heart sing with joy.  Anything is possible but you have to be ready to work for it!

I am now, after seven years of single life in my mid to late thirties, one of the "lucky in love", and engaged to be married to the most wonderful and perfect man for me. I put in the work, embraced Jenny's coaching methods and my heart finally opened to meeting someone incredibly special.



"I’m now married and  never believed this dream would come true, but it has!"

Fiona, Bristol

Mark, Somerset

"Jenny was highly recommended to me by a friend after my wife and partner of 28 years told me unexpectedly she wanted us to split up. I was in total shock, and of course devastated. 

During my sessions with Jenny she helped me to become aware of and to take responsibility for my actions that had such negative consequences, and what were the triggers to those actions. She allowed me a space to be able to reflect without judgement. She supported me to become aware of how I communicate with people and gave me exercises week to week to help me behave in a different way, and I very quickly started to see the results.

6 months on I would never have believed how differently I feel and think. Jenny has given me the support to allow the ‘real me’ to return. I am healthier, I sleep better, I eat better, I drink less and I have a desire to keep on growing. I have done things I have wanted to do, travelled to places I had always wanted to see and am committed to spending quality time with my children, being the Dad they deserve.

As a result of the changes my relationship with my kids is enlivened and I am committed that I will be less distracted around them in the future. The flip side is I am also now more productive when I am working as I am now properly rested."

Marie, Bristol
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