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Over the years we get hurt, experiences happen, we make decisions about things, life and people which shape our view of reality. The real you can become buried beneath layers of protection, fixed beliefs and patterns that dim your light


Some people lock things away in a box, some people don’t show their real self for fear of rejection, some people are needy, some people put on a front. We are all different, but essentially all the same. It is natural behaviour to create patterns and beliefs to help us survive the emotional world. 

These unconscious patterns and beliefs may be out of date and no longer serve you. Not only do they no longer serve you, they often create and perpetuate the pain they are trying to avoid.

Together we will identify and release the blocks and barriers that stand in the way of you having what you want. I work with a 7 step coaching model which enables us to look at your life as a whole, as everything feeds in to how you feel about yourself, and therefore what you attract. 


When you are being the best version of you, feeling great, living a life you love, you give off a natural glow which radiates who you truly are. It is this glow that attracts the perfect partner for you with effortless ease. 


Is coaching for me?

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Do you feel truly fulfilled in your life? 

Do you look in the mirror and love what you see (ok, we all have days when we feel a bit ropey!), but generally, do you feel happy with who you are? 

Do you feel you're a good catch? 


If not, then its time to GET FIT FOR LOVE!


You will: 

  • deal with subconscious rejections

  • release residual emotion from previous relationships

  • gain conscious awareness and valuable insight to enable you to feel empowered about who you are

  • feel free to be yourself and love who you are

Any relationship with another person ALWAYS starts with yourself. 

If you are experiencing struggle, or are not attracting the relationship  you want, then the transformation has to take place in you first for the relationship to show up out there in the world. 

This is not about you finding 'a relationship', this is about you finding and being your best self and therefore attracting the right relationship. 

If you are ready to accept the challenges and awareness of truth it’s going to take to break through blocks that have previously stood in your way, please get in touch. 

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