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The essence of self nurture

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Have you ever really cherished yourself? Would you know what it felt like to be cherished? Over the years many of us have spent time wishing somebody would just treasure us and make us feel special. What does it really mean to you if someone treats you as special and really nurtures you?

There is never such an amazing feeling as when you nurture yourself as it has so many knock on effects. When you nurture yourself and consciously indulge yourself, the chances are you are in a pretty good space to start with, or are aware that you're not in a good space and nurture is what you need.

Our own version of nurture is different for each of us - for me one of the things is smelling a pale pink english rose in the Summer, properly burying my face in it and inhaling the scent on so many levels. When I treat myself I see it as an investment, in me. Buying a luxury bath oil which I absolutely adore - every time I have a bath I feel amazing inhaling the most beautiful, soul soothing smells. Every time I feel good.

What simple actions could you see you could take to nurture yourself?

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