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Put everything down and be quiet

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

For many people life runs at a fast pace. So many things going on, so many things to think about, maybe things that are bothering you, or chipping away but you’re too busy to face it as you don’t want to uncover what’s underneath. If you don’t hold it all together, you will collapse and you can’t afford to, as you have too many commitments and responsibilities.

Maybe this isn’t you at all, maybe you feel your life is amazing and things are in balance and going really well? There are a multitude of experiences that could be considered, but many people never take the time to just be still and be quiet.

I invite you to do this just for a moment. Wherever you are, stop, take a deep breath, breathe out and just stop. Stop everything that you’re doing, still your mind, and just be present in the moment. Be aware of your thoughts, your thoughts about your body and how you feel. Whether you’re tired, worn out, energised or whatever space you are in. Let these thoughts just rise and fall in your mind. Don't judge your thoughts, just let them be.

By taking time out to be in the moment you are giving yourself an amazing gift. Firstly, when we are busy, busy always thinking, especially if we’re anxious we can forget to breath properly. We don’t sit up, we are unaware of our bodies just running on autopilot.

For this moment. Sit up straight, become aware of your breathing. Be easy with it, just full breathes in and out. Just be in this moment. Take time out to nourish your body, for you, even if just for 5 minutes…

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