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Observing your life from the outside

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

If you stay still and quiet and listen for a moment, it’s likely that you can hear a voice in your head chatting away to you. It might be saying all sorts of things such as 'I don’t stop and be quiet very often', 'or what’s the point in this', 'or my head is so full of things to do' etc. It could be saying literally anything.

This is the voice that we often allow to rule our lives. It’s the voice that speaks fear, insecurity, doubt, negative opinions and is therefore the source of where to begin to look and bring unconscious thinking to conscious awareness.

Many of the things this little voice says in our head go unrecognised to us and we carry on living life, listening to it and acting and behaving from this place. If we have a perceived fear it may keep us restricted and stop us from putting ourselves in a position where we might fail.

Many of the things this voice says are untrue and based on old experiences and patterns that we created to protect ourselves. This can limit your ability to move forward and keep creating the same recurring situations over and over. It can also mean that you live a life of limitation rather than a life of freedom.

It’s only when you can see it from the outside, and bring the patterns and beliefs to conscious awareness that you have power over it. When you know how the pattern runs you, you can start to go to work on creating new behaviours and beliefs systems.

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